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Скачать книгу Real-Time Digital Signal Processing: Implementation and Application бесплатно

Категория: Техника

Real-Time Digital Signal Processing: Implementation and Application

Название: Real-Time Digital Signal Processing
Автор: Sen M.
Издательтсво: Wiley
Страниц: 667
Год: 2006
Размер: 8.4 Mb
Формат: pdf

In recent years, significant advances in digital technology have led to the design and implementation of sophisticated algorithms, allowing accurate real-time processing of signals. Real-time digital signal processing (DSP) is of increasing importance in today’s engineering fields because of the demand for high performance, low-cost digital signal processors in many applications from digital cellular phones and high-speed Internet access, to image processing, and multimedia streaming.
Fully revised and updated, Real-Time Digital Signal Processing: Implementations and Applications, Second Edition takes a wholly practical approach, providing essential information on real-time principles, DSP algorithm development, and system design and implementation. With eight new chapters analyzing the latest DSP applications, this book also includes a wealth of exercises, laboratory experiments and programming examples using MATLAB, C, and assembly languages for Texas Instrument’s TMS320C55xx processor.






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